Need to Know

If you’re looking to become a more effective and profitable trader, then there are only two solutions. The first is education – you need to read and learn from others. Open your mind, admit your weaknesses and learn how to abolish or minimise them.

The second method is to copy someone elses trade calls. This is usually a risky proposition if you don’t know the strategy being used or the track record of the person making the trade calls, but if you find the right guide then it can be an accelerated learning experience and make you good money into the bargain.

I’ve gathered on the following pages my list of essential reading in books,¬†Forex¬†websites, mentors & coaches, trading courses and trade call websites. All come with my absolute recommendation – I’ve read all the books, use the websites, have sampled the courses, been taught by the mentors and I subscribe to the trade call websites myself to compliment my day trading.


Trade Calls

  1. The Lazy Trader

More to come in the next few days….